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You need to hear this LYNOS remix of "I'll Be Good" if you like electro-pop [Premiere]

Raised in the heart of NYC, LYNOS has practically been playing music before he could ride a bike. At the age of four he started playing violin, moved to guitar when he was twelve, and now fuses together live instrumentation and innovative production to his electronic tracks. His sounds is a mixture of future bass and electronic pop that boasts a life of it's own and energizes the soul like a defibrillator to the heart. Today we are honored to release his beautiful and colorful remix of rising singer-songwriter James Young's single "I'll Be Good." It is a symphonic blend of perfectly timed crescendos, intricately orchestrated instrumentation, and electro-pop sounds that lift you off your feet and carry you along with every swooping half note. This song is a whirlwind of sound and energy and is only the beginning for this promising artist. You will definitely want to keep your eye on both LYNOS and Young. 



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