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Lakker shares bouncy new visuals for 'Tundra' cut "Three Songs" [Video]

Dublin-bred, Berlin-based production duo Lakker has been feeling the love since they dropped Tundra, their debut album for R&S, on Monday.  Breaking further and further away from their techno foundation, the pair explores a variety of sounds and moods on Tundra, with dark, desolate beauty being the primary ingredient, as the album title suggests.  

However, there are brighter moments, like "Three Songs," an angelic ascent from the cold, unforgiving territory that fills so much of the album.  Now the track has been given a fittingly lighthearted video, directed by Eileen Carpio, who also did the cover art and contributes vocals on the album.  The video depicts an ever-changing mosaic of interpretive dance, one woman's movements replicated across the screen as she frolics in a blank room full of giant bouncing spheres.  It's the exact opposite of what you'd expect from this album, which is what makes it so perfect.  Check it out below, and grab Tundra over at R&S.




"Three Songs" [Video]

  • R&S
  • 'Tundra' out now





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