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Sax G's "...Of The Forbidden Dancer" gives us a sense of peace on a chaotic Tuesday [Premiere]

Seattle-based artist Sax G is gearing ready to release his upcoming 4-track EP, Lullaby Of The Forbidden Dancer, with Hush Hush Records on May 18th. The entire EP is amazing, but we're especially excited about his track "...Of The Forbidden Dancer," a stunning piece that's helping bring some sense into a world that feels a little more than crazy. 

Part of experimental music that could be playing in a yoga studio or a salon, this piece is intellectually stimulating as well as out of this world calming. We're definitely falling in love with how perfect this peace is. 

Pre-order the EP here, and check out the track below! 



Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 22.27.18

Sax G

...Of The Forbidden Dancer

  • Hush Hush Records
  • May 18, 2015



Ambient · Chillstep · Electronic · Premiere


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