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B.C. The Marksman channels the golden age on "86 'Til" [Video]

It's a tall order to rap over the famed "93 'til Infinity" instrumental and not sound foolish, but every great while, a polished emcee steps to the plate and knocks it outta the ballpark.

86TIL from B.C. TheMarksan on Vimeo.

Enter B.C. The Marksman, a rapid-fire wordsmith from the "Yay Area" who puts his own spin on the Souls of Mischief classic with "86 'Til." The video is shot in the Hunters Point district of San Francisco (B.C.'s stomping grounds) and the throwback cinematography serves as a perfect backdrop for his equally vintage flow on the track. It's hard not to love B.C.'s delivery, content, and bars, including my personal favorite:

Eat from the truth, you can feast everlastin'/The deeper the roots, then the tree full of passion


Be on the lookout for more of the Marksman and his SF-based Lyrical Opposition camp, and don't forget to check out his other blappers on his Soundcloud page!

86 til

B.C. The Marksman

86 'Til

  • Lyrical Opposition
  • May 5, 2015


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B.C. The Marksman
6 years ago

@LyricalOps @Rapzilla Dope! God Bless family