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Turn up for the weekend with Jonas Aden & DJ Sub Zero's remix of "BBHMM"

We are hours away from the weekend which means we get to trade book bags and business attire for bottles and beats. If you and your crew are trying to start the night right then we highly recommend bumping this new heater from Jonas Aden and DJ Sub Zero. The duo takes Rihanna's sassy smash hit "Bitch Better Have My Money" and ignites it with their intoxicating electro house sound. This remix mixes the driving hip-hop melodies and Ri-ri's ferocious vocals with hyperactive synths that jab lake a loan shark pissed and ready to collect his debt. One whiff of the track and you'll be salivating and writhing about with every glock cock sample tucked into the beat. Start your weekend right with this one. You can cop a free download of this here so you can vibe to it wherever you go. 



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