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Lossy's "River Neckinger" is chilling us out on this Thursday [Premiere]

I've been hooked on hot yoga lately, and some of the music the instructors play cause me more pain than the squats I'm forced to do during the sculpt session. Because of this, I'm basically on a perpetual quest to find the perfect tracks to play during a 60-90 minute session that I spend daily in the sauna-like studio. 

Luckily I may have found a perfect track to put into that hot yoga/sculpt playlist of mine. Lossy, who has previously worked with Phil Selby (Radiohead), Beverley Knight, Ben Taylor and Lou Rhodes (Lamb), the producer has created a perfect home in his label Boot Cycle Audio. "River Neckinger" brings a warmth to the soul, and relaxes while still simulating the mind. It's perfect for those looking for a peace of mind today. I know I do. 

The track will be out May 11th. Check it out below. 


LOSSY- RIVER SOLOS | Boot Cycle Audio | BCA001


River Neckinger

  • May 7, 2015


Ambient · Experimental · Premiere


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