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Stream BLU J's killer remix of T-Pain's "Sun Goes Down" [Download]

 It's pretty cool to see how drastically electronic music has evolved recently. Even over the past six months, there have been crazy changes in the types of music being listened to and how its consumed. So, when new, fresh artists come on the scene with a unique style, it's always fun to watch. 

BLU J, the San Francisco x Vancouver duo, just released an edit of T-Pain's "Sun Goes Down" for free download, and it's pretty sweet. An upbeat, bouncy remix of the original, this thing is something you can bump to get psyched in the morning before work/school, and then party to on the weekend. Remember, these dudes are a bit newer, so don't forget to show your support by throwing them a like or a follow. 



Sun Goes Down (BLU J Remix)

  • Self Released
  • April 29, 2015


Bass · Dance · Electronic · Future Funk · Garage · Trap


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