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Hostage takes it dark for "Touchdown" off of new 'Bladderwrack' EP [Premiere + Interview]

As we approach summer, a lot of artists transition to brighter, happier sounds, however, some prefer to head into darker territory. One such man is Alan Parley aka Hostage who, after working with labels such as Black Butter, Simma Black, and Four40 needs no introduction, and next week, Hostage is making his 877 Records debut with the fantastic three track Bladderwrack EP.

For the middle track on the EP, “Touchdown” Hostage sets the tone with a hard, crisp percussion but by the time the first, more traditional, house vocal sample hooks you in, it’s clear that this isn’t an ordinary track. Throughout “Touchdown,” there’s an almost constant juxtaposition of softer and harsher sounds, of classic house production with hard breaks and heavy bass. Hostage ends the track with a bit of acid house, bringing forth a nostalgia sorely missing from the dance floor these days.

This is definitely one track and EP you will not want to miss. Pick up a copy when it drops on May 11th on 877 Records.

We were able to catch up with Hostage over the weekend for a few questions about his upcoming EP. Check it out below!

EAMILK: Throughout the EP, there's an almost constant juxtaposition of softer sounds with harsher, more industrial sounds. What prompted this?
Hostage: t wasn't intentional to sound industrial but when I think about it I have seen, heard, and been exposed to more industrial sounds (>techno in clubs) and have moved to a more industrial environment (it's so industrial - I moved into the 3rd house to be completed on a new street - they have 53 more to complete, so there are probably 50 diggers, 20 million cranes, trucks, you know all the industrial stuff around me every day - that's probably just a coincidence. The juxtaposition - probably an influence from a hardcore jungle tekno aesthetic which I like - the light into the dark skitzo switch up stuff.
EM: To me, the vocals are one of the most striking features about "Touchdown." What motivated you to continually switch between using the vocals as more of an instrument and as lyrics?
H: I'm not really into songs or lyrics. I guess as I don't think of it as a lyric therefore to me it's a short vocal sample which then takes the form of an instrument which you can then do what you like with.
EM: What can we expect next from you?
H: I'm looking forward to summer: debuting in Canada at Shambhala this year, and Glastonbury too. I've got some new Hostage EPs finished too - some different styles. Extra curricular activites include Modini (collaborative project with Neil Landstrumm on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams).





  • 877 Records
  • 5/11/15



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