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Mooji, Kramnik's alterego, drops acid jazz with "Medley" [Premiere]

With bangers and mash flooding the scene as festival season roars on in full force, we bring to you something on the experimental side from an artist known as Mooji. The moniker represents the Spanish producer's other half, one that pushes his first alias, Kramnik, to even more innovative auditory arenas. While techno was his genre of choice, Mooji moves into the realm of acid jazz by blending elements from across the soundscape into a cohesive whole, known as his forthcoming Double Agent EP.

Dropping June 29th, the release features three tracks: "Dont", which listeners already have been enjoying, "So Good", and today's work, "Medley". As soon as you press play, the track transports you to a smoke-filled room, where twangy melodies and laid back vibes pervade the atmosphere. It's a track to get lost in, one that Mooji has specially picked as introduction to Double Agent album, releasing later this year after the same-named EP. Mooji himself writes:

"I've never made anything dubby before, so I thought this album was a good opportunity to give it a go. In Double Agent I try to play with different genres, so this is the only track with a dubby feel, but I think it's one of my favorites on the album. I thought it would be cool to have Lee Perry in there, so now you hear him speaking about his musical origins. I hope this won't be my last dubby track ever!"   





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