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Feels Friday 010

Music in it's simplest, most basic purpose is to convey and express oneself through an arrangement of sounds. Though the definition of music can vary from people to social contexts, we can all agree that it directly affects our emotions one way or another. Whether if it drops you into a sob-fest or shoots you into pure ecstasy, music is made to change how you feel. It's no mystery why you tend to choose happy-go-lucky songs on a beautiful day, or why you seek out dark songs on the worst day of your life. We honor those who make it their mission to stir the big pot of emotions in this week's volume of Feels Friday.

It's the first of May, and the weather is finally being consistent in staying warm (at least for me). Also, the school year is coming to a close while summer and freedom is just around the corner. Bonfires, hanging with friends, road trips, and other shenanigans are all imminent with this inviting weather. Considering all the activities packed into your already busy schedule, you sometimes forget to step back and enjoy the moments. This particular volume is catered for your perfect sunset. Below are some handpicked favorites from my personal playlist called Sunset Songs. It's something about that deep glow at the end of the day that gets us all warm and fuzzy inside. Whether you are on the beach with a bunch of friends or on top of a big hill alone, let this volume of Feels Friday be your sunset score. 


Chillwave · Downtempo · Electronic · Feature


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