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Kinlaw's "Bastet" doesn't waste any time in getting us [Premiere]

Kinlaw's press release begins with him being compared to Seymour Parrish in One Hour Photo, and considering that character was a man obsessed with a family that printed photos from his lab, the dark and twisted nature of the song makes complete sense. 

The Dorset-based artist brings rumbling synths that will make you skin crawl. While it's advertised as a hip hop track, it's more music in Evian Christ's realm than beats that guys like Nas or Kendrick Lamar would be on. However, if you're trying to look for some music that's willing to freak you out, this is a must hear. 

New Palms is out on 12" & digital on April 27th via RAMP Recordings. Check out the track below. 



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