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Fans of Muse and Mars Volta will love "All The Way" by Madus [Music Video]

If you like the driving rock force behind Incubus and the haunting yet gripping vocal style of Muse then you will love this group, Madus. Their sound is rich, gritty, and electrifying as it takes you through an auditory journey with every meticulously crafted guitar lick and snare hit. The LA based group have been working on their second release, All The Way EP, out May 19th. The lead single off the EP sharing the same title is a cannonball of sound, propelling you along it's chaotic chord structures as the pounding percussion straps you in tight. Notes of El Paso psych-rockers Mars Volta and Muse are strong in this song as Dugan Cruz's vocals blast through the melody like a hell-bent horse out of the gate. The song explores the feeling of being trapped with an insatiable desire to break free and live your best life. The singer compels the listener to break through and go all the way to what they desire. To accompany the singles release, the group is debuting the official music video for the song with us. The video is a dark yet playful video including ski masks, kidnappings, the mafia, some cool ass retro TVs, and some ravenous fans. Check out the video below and be sure to snag the EP when it is released on May 19th. 


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