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Shapov remixes CamelPhat and A*M*E's "Paradigm" [Premiere]

You might remember Camelphat and A*M*E's Axtone debut from earlier this year entitled "Paradigm." The first deep progressive house release on the label in years and a viral hit, the track's witty piano and vocals made it memorable and applicable to all sorts of environments.

Today, Shapov makes his second appearance as a solo artist to officially remix "Paradigm." Once one half of production duo Hard Rock Sofa, Shapov has been instrumental in creating Russian dance music's signature big room sound, and has taken 2015 as the year to begin his solo career.  With his debut self-titled release, he proved his production agility in transforming his big room style into rock and acid infused house tracks. With his remix of "Paradigm," he's brought a similar sentiment into the track's original make up, beginning with similar energy as the original's deep feel and slowly building up to a climactic, speedy edginess. With this release we are sure that we'll be seeing Shapov a lot more on Axtone in the coming months.

Screen shot 2015-04-21 at 10.45.51 AMCamelPhat Feat. A*M*E
Paradigm - Remixes
Axtone Records

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