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Shake things up with Chloe Martini's newest mix [Interview + Mix]

The young Polish producer, Chloe Martini has brought light to her unique productions and grown her fan base enormously over the past two years. While she initially drew attention for her piano compositions, she maintained the hype with her transition into electronic productions that blended soul and R&B genres into the mix. Most recently, Chloe dropped her Private Joy EP where she dives deeper into the R&B spectrum with the help of Alyss, Shae Jacobs, Azteka, and Peter Lyons on vocals.

Savvy in music composition, Chloe has successfully navigated through many of music's most popular genres, picking up more and more fans along the way at an accelerated speed. In fact, the popular producer and DJ duo Snakehips took notice by recognizing her remix of Brownstone's "If You Love Me" as one of their top 10 hip hop remixes of all time. Fortunate for us, we were able to get our hands on an exclusive mix from Chloe to share with you. Featuring the likes of Mr Carmack, Beyonce, Mint Condition, and many others, it's a mix that really show off Chloe's DJing chops.

Below, you'll find a bit of Q and A between us and Chloe where we chat about the inspiration for her original piano compositions, touring with Snakehips, and future projects. Read on to see what Chloe had to share! 

EARMILK: So you've been in music for a while, how do you see your progression in the industry from your teens until now?
Chloe Martini: Actually, I'm rather new in the music industry, frankly speaking. I took my first steps by creating piano compositions. Ever since, I've started developing my skills, getting to know the software, and experiment with sounds. Eventually, I started putting my music on SoundCloud, found a manager and agent, started touring for now just as a DJ. And here I am.
EM: You originally started as a pianist writing your own compositions?
CM: As a kid, I was in music school, although I didn't like the discipline there and thought that school was killing my creativity. So after five years, I dropped it. About two years later, I came across a piece by Ryuichi Sakamoto and his creations inspired me to compose my own music. My second big influence back then was also the amazing French composer Yann Tiersen, and then the Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi.
EM: How did it feel to be chosen as Snakehip's opener?
CM: So far so good! London show was sold out. Snakehips already had a big fan-base, so lots of people are coming to their shows.
EM: As well as the spins on BBC 1Xtra and Radio 1? That's a pretty big deal for an up and coming artist!
CM: It sure is, especially when my management wrote and told me that Annie Mac, whom I truly admire, had premiered "Get Enough" on her show.
EM: There's a lot of soul and R&B in this mix, are those your favorite genres to play?
CM: I've loved R&B music since I can remember. As a kid, I used to sing and dance to lots of Michael Jackson or Mariah Carey songs.
EM: Has the private Joy EP fulfilled your expectations?
CM: I guess so. I'm mainly getting a positive response about the tracks and it means a lot to me. We're working on the video for "Get Enough" at the moment and I can't wait to put it out!

Mix Tracklist:

Mr. Carmack - "Chill n with girlfriend"

B B & Q Band - "Dreamer"

Chloe Martini & Penthouse Penthouse - "Closer"

Patrice Rushen - "Number One"

Chloe Martini - "Volatile Dreams" (ft. Azteka)

Al B. Sure! - "Night & Day"

Sinead Harnett - "No Other Way" (ft. Snakehips)

Jennifer Lopez - "I'm Glad"

Bill Withers - "Ain't No Sunshine" (Lido Remix)

Mr Carmack - "Hectic #3"

Sh?m - "Destruction "

Mura Masa - "Lotus Eater"

Beyonce - "Drunk In Love" (Hunt for the Breeze Edit)

Falcons x DJ Hoodboi - "Tick Tock"

Drippy Dolphin - "Oooops"

Mr Carmack - "Roller" (Lindsay Lowend Remix)

Destiny's Child - "Say My Name" (Chloe Martini Remix)

Disclosure - "When A Fire Starts To Burn" (C2C Remix)

Britney Spears - "Toxic"

Mr Carmack - "JAY Z"

Mint Condition - "Breakin' My Heart"

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