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Massappeals "Guru Guru" has us ready for the weekend [Premiere]

It's Friday, which means that everyone is counting down until they can finish work, grab a cold beer, and celebrate the beginning of the weekend. Regardless of whether you're at Coachella or Couchella this weekend, we've got a track that will get you ready for the mental vacation. 

Massapeals is a fantastic producer that's got an infectious new piece out with us today titled "Guru Guru," and we've been playing it nonstop in the car after work every day. It's straight dirty trap music made for the late night club scene, and this is a must-grab for those that are looking to get down. 

This one is set to take over the clubs for sure. Check out the track below. 



Electronic · Trap


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6 years ago

Love this artist man. Joey's last album was crazy! Had to cop my tickets for Joey Bada$$ at Terminal 5. Show is about to be lit on 4/19! ‪#‎SmokersClubNY‬ http://ow.ly/LyCRI