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Maxo releases new neon, computer gadget inspired EP 'Chordslayer'

Chordslayer is an explosion of a colors and a splattered kaleidoscope of bright neon paint over blank white objects. Maxo unleashes unadulterated happiness, infinite youth, large-mouthed kids, and energetic beats that'll suck us in to vacuum of a pixelated utopian world. Touching upon a sound inspired by 90s gaming systems with glimpses of Kirby clones and Jigglypuff blobs, Maxo has a strong history of making music that'll warp reality into a surreal Mario-esque escapade through rivers of Goombas. Having made an exclusive mix for Nest HQ and remixing tracks from the likes of Spazzkid, Maxo can recreate the final sudden death of a Super Smash Brothers Melee competition or guide you through a peaceful stroll through Animal Crossing. With support from PC Music and a community of fans and producers who enjoy the nostalgia of our childhood pleasures, Maxo proudly presents his first EP on a custom interactive website. Listen and play with the EP in full here.

Dreamwave · Electronic · Future Beat · Synth


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