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w. baer gets us weird with "Drunken Pine, Or Shut the F*ck Up Already" [Premiere]

Where do we even begin with this one? The guys at Hush Hush Records have always provided us with the weirdest of the weird, and today they delivered with the goods yet again with "Drunken Pine, Or Shut the fuck up already," a dark piece that mashes influences of hip hop (in the DJ Screw sense of the genre) with menacing electronic rhythm playing in the background. 

The piece is beyond strange, and it's definitely not easy listening, but well worth the listen for those looking to challenge conventional rhythms and sounds. If experimental music and exploration of the unknown is of any interest to you, then make sure to check this song out. 

Pre-order the track via iTunes here


Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 00.49.13

w. baer

Drunken Pine, Or Shut the fuck up already



Electronic · Post-dubstep · Premiere


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