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"Lovers Work Late" and so do Free n Losh and Sofi de la Terre [Premiere]

Electronica pop artist Sofi de la Torre has just dropped her newest EP That Isn't You, and we've got our hands on the bonus track that is going to come along with the package. Canadian duo Free n Losh has thrown their remix of  de la Torre's track "Lovers Work Late" onto the EP, and we've got your very first listen right below.

While FnL has a history of implementing diverse genres into their projects, "Lovers Work Late" gets the 'trap-tronica' treatment, moving the song into a whole new realm. The heavy bass and percussion makes the quiet voids hang even heavier in the air in-between the intense productions and vocal chops. The way Sofi's vocals have been manipulated in this remix is just pitched enough for us to fall in love with this song all over again, but for very different reasons this time around.

Make sure to tune in to Free n Losh's edit below so you don't miss out!

 Purchase Sofi De La Torre's That Isn't You EP on iTunes here.

Sofi de la Torre

"Lovers Work Late" (Free N Losh Remix)


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