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"Let Go" of all woes with Ark Patrol [Premiere]

Ark Patrol grew up on an island of Hawaii before moving to Boston to complete his first year at Berklee College of Music. He’s provided a definition of absolute youth, recreating and reinterpreting the tropical aura of Oahu. Taking inspiration from a generation who is heavily absorbed in virtual realities, Ark Patrol commands series of computer-generated beeps as if collecting golden 8 bit coins on a pixie flight across the Pacific Ocean. He glides in and out of rich chords, forces us to hold our breath, and releases all emotional wind like a whisper on fallen leaves.

His debut album Voyager was released at the end of 2014 on Netherlands based record label Heroic Recordings. It possessed the air of the island, a feel as pleasant and mesmerizing as any equatorial vacation. “Never” served as the most anticipated track of the album, receiving support from Denver based cyber honcho EDM.com and curator Mr. Suicide Sheep. The track is detailed with energetic synths, chimes, and snippets of vocals that perpetuate summertime regardless of whatever maelstrom ahead. His remix of Eastside’s “Ellie” is also a strong representation of Ark Patrol’s influences of soul, electronica, and atmospheric pleasures.

Now that the 20 year old is pushing the boundaries of his individuality in Los Angeles, his "dream-meets-arcade" style is about to take a step forward. Here is the premiere of his newest single “Let Go” alongside vocalist Veronika Redd. “Let Go” transforms preconceptions of future music and incorporates classical elements from lead guitar to pianist. Accompanied by entrancing vocals, Ark Patrol becomes the conductor of heavenly "soultronica". Stay tuned for an exclusive listen until the track is out on Heroic Recordings April 14th.


Ark Patrol

Let Go (ft. Veronika Redd) - Single

  • Heroic Recordings
  • April 14, 2015



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