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Happy Lives channel their inner dancer in "Wanna Go Dance" [Music Video]

New York-based Neo Pop/ Art-pop duo Happy Lives revels in creating complex and intricately crafted tracks that are artfully made and addicting. No one song is similar, which allows them to expand and explore beyond one set sound and style, making live sets and releases a surprise with each new track. Their latest release “Wanna Go Dance,” is a vibrant, distorted and noisy pop track that is just as melodic as it is messy. Compressed and distorted synths and percussion thwart beneath Mike Lande's vocals as he encourages the listener to dance. Today the duo releases the music video for this single, which is a playfully voyeuristic view into people dancing like nobody is watching. Each person moves around with the vigor of Thom Yorke in Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower” music video. Touches of psychedelic-pop visuals reminiscent of the early iPod commercials help to bring the video to life and compliments the music perfect. Check out the video below and be sure to check out this impressive duo live sometime.


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