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You'll want to spend "Wasted Time" with Lost Kings lively remix

Folk house, folktronica, Tropical Folk or whatever the cool kids are hashtagging these day has been something producers have explored for a while now. Some have succeeded and some have crashed and burned, either way they all have entertained with their efforts. We can’t fault them for trying to pair some of white folks favorite pleasures together, EDM and indie folk, in theory it’s a genius idea. One of the newest contenders in this hybrid genre are the invigorating progressive house LA duo Lost Kings stepping up to the plate. Their first move in the right direction was doing a deep dive into Aussie indie artist Vance Joy’s catalog. Instead of going with the predictable house remix of “Riptide” the duo went deeper and pulled out a lively gem “Wasted Time” that lends it’s self perfectly to a remix. His desolate but entrancing voice carries the track as the electronic music bed slow builds eventually leading to a seismic release that will have you feeling happier than an enthusiastic granny on Christmas morning. Waste some time with the Lost King’s lively remix below, grab a free download on their Soundcloud and keep your ear to the ground for some more salacious tunes from this duo.


Vance Joy

Wasted Time (Lost Kings remix)


Dance · Electro · Progressive House


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