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Fort Knox Five ask "Whatcha Gonna Do" with Mustafa Akbar [Premiere]

Friday's are the toughest days by far in the office, and that's mostly because I'm aching to be speeding down the 405 with my shades on, not feeling the unnaturally cold air while I yawn and stare at the clock. 

Luckily Fort Knox Five is seriously helping out today because they are releasing one of the best tracks I've heard all week with us, and that makes the hours today way easier. Bringing the vibes of funk that would make older people nostalgic and us youngins wishing we grew up in a funkier generation, Mustafa Akbar's low-tone vocals and the rhythm is just absolutely addicting. If you're looking for a song that will make you jump out of your chair and crave a beer, this one is an absolute must hear. 

Pre-order the album here via iTunes, out on April 28th. They're also spending this spring on tour so check out their tour dates below.  




Fort Knox Five

Whatcha Gonna Do (Feat Mustafa Akbar)

  • Fort Knox
  • April 28, 2015



Exclusive · Funk · Premiere


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