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CEDEK & Niko Javan bring the "Action" as a follow up to their "Big Pimpin" remix [Premiere + Interview]

Multi-genre producer/djs Cedek and Niko Javan dropped their behemoth remix of Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin" just over a year ago and decided it was time to take to the internet once again with a brand new spin on an old dance floor killer. Their brand new remix of "Action" by Terror Fabulous Ft. Nadine Sutherland is a dancehall / moombahton hybrid of sorts. The synths are insanely gritty and the drums are completely rebuffed to push even the best sound systems to their physical limits. The vocal hooks are still completely in tact so be ready to sing along to this remix (right after you snag the free download). 


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EARMILK: Since dropping Kid from Kid Cedek, how has it changed your productive flow and progression?
CEDEK: #1 thing is my sound. My new music just tells a better story of all my life experiences. A big thing most people don’t realize is that I used to sing/rap/or do a bunch of vocal stabs in a lot of the records that I would put out! I broke off from management about around the time I released my last collaboration with NIKO JAVAN, i was in a place where I surpassed the goals i had set for myself when it came to the things i wanted to achieve as a dj, but when it came to the production I had about an albums worth of unreleased tunes, but to me they didn’t fit in the “kid cedek” world. Kid Cedek was created as a very playful creative outlet, no real direction when it came to the style of the music. I'm in no way saying that the “WTFISAGENRE” motto that i’ve been using for the past five years, is not my thing anymore, more so saying that i needed to take some time off from releasing music in order to get regrounded again. I had a manager the 4 of 5 years of my career. I was starting to feel a little lost in the music and doing things for other people and not for myself, thats when i decided that I wanted to just hit the studio for a year and stop touring. Thats how the CEDEK project was born. CEDEK is still all about the WTFISAGENRE style of producing. I produce any style of music that I’m feeling. I don’t like having any kind of boundaries. Music is Music. and thats what I will be delivering. If you look back at some of the older Kid Cedek Aesthetics/branding you can see a very big difference. In fact I’m way more involved when it comes to the visual direction of my brand. I used to not care really (Some would find this to be a shock) but truly, I was just trying to release as many records as possible. Problem then was that I didn’t have the content I do now. 
EM: In your early production years, you were known mostly for your Moombahton tunes, what can we expect to hear from the new CEDEK alias? 
C: Good ol' moombahton… I swear I love it and still play it in my sets, in fact if it wasn’t for moombahton i wouldn’t have linked up with a lot of the people that Im very close to today, but thats besides the point lol. There was a stigma associated around my name and moombahton. Its pretty lame when people used to ask me “hows the moombah comin along?”, when the last 10 releases were another genre entirely! I took a while off of releasing tunes for that very reason. Again, nothing against moombahton, thing is it was only one of the many areas of music I would dive into. I love tropical bass music, my last release on BUYGORE “CHECK BOUT ME”  ft STRAP DEEZ, is basically a street ATLANTA record w/ tropical bass elements on a trap beat that sounds like no other producer. I used to try to sound like everyone else. It never meant that I could ever achieve it. I usually did a horrible job at recreating ideas other people had in their music and it would end up being unique anyway. So the CEDEK stuff pretty much embraces my “Weirdness”, if you pay attention closely you can still hear my old style, it just isn’t as sloppy. CEDEK is a producer, songwriter, engineer, rapper, singer, vocalist. There are a ton of records that I am in the process of situating releases for that have my vocals on them or my writing ideas. I’m not just releasing these to the world, I’m finding the best home for them. I love expressing myself through music, I was always a creative writer and used to freestyle with the best of them back in the day. These records that I’ve been stacking are truly the depiction of who I am as not only an ARTIST in this world, but it gives you an introspective look at me! 
EM: You were in Miami for WMC, did you meet any new friends? Tell me about a few key experiences from your trip down there.
C: Man, every year i go to miami i think its the best year for my career. This year was so dope tho and it really was the best year lol. I closed out the SMOG VS FIREPOWER showcase this year at MECCA (Actually mecca’s last week in business)  and played the very first BUYGORE pool party in Miami! I can’t really put my finger on one particular experience during this trip, but I did play all my showcases on USBs for the first time (Not that most know or care what that is) but basically I started learning to dj on turntables about 5 years ago, this year I jumped out there headfirst and played on just usbs and CDJ 2KS! I think that the ability to connect with people that know your music even though they live in another part of the world is great. From the djs and producers that support me to the random fans of my music that I met, I think it just reminded me why I need to continue to make music! 
EM: You play Atlanta frequently enough to have that notorious ATL local love, what are some of your favorite places to play and why? 
C: Graveyard Tavern is my #1 in ATL, I just love that spot. Its the first real gig I had in ATL a few years back and I’ve maintained a residency once a month there for almost 5 years now. Graveyard is basically like a chili’s with a dance floor in it lol (Its way cooler than how i just described it I swear) haha. I limit my performances in ATL to really just there and the W downtown where I play as my house Alias SOAP DISCO. I get to groove out at the W downtown. I’m all about a good vibe, I feel like thats what really makes a venue last. I don’t play at Terminal West, but i frequent shows there! I know one day i WILL!
EM: What are your essential food spots in Atlanta? 
EM: What people in your life are the most inspiring?
#1 would be my grandmother! She is the most caring and understanding person in my life. My grandma actually really asks me questions about my gigs and a lot of people including Astronomar have met her at one of my showcases a few years ago in Miami, lol. She pulled up at 1AM with here friend and had her own section (kinda baller lol) next up Would be my homey ETC!ETC! its been cool to watch him grew and exceed even his own expectations in life! Mayhem is also another person who I’m grateful to have in my life on a regular basis, he works just as hard as I do and is always pushing to better his sound. KRAM is another person, you guys probably won’t know who this is but if you ever email assistant@cedekmusic.com its the guy that would be responding, this guy has believed in me for many years and it keeps me motivated seeing how hard he works to keep things as smooth as possible for me! There are more people that inspire me, many many more, but the main thing I do on a daily basis is seek inspiration through everything. If I bump into someone in a hallway or wherever i use every positive or negative experience as inspiration! thats what my life is all about! 

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