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Jani R shows "Two Sides," and we're loving it [Premiere]

I've been taking a lot of hot yoga and getting really really into it lately, and of course being the music addicted weirdo, I've been obsessed with finding modern songs that would work great with the classes. 

This track by Jani R, titled "Two Sides" is an absolute stunner that would be perfect for the classes I attend. Of course, it's not only perfect for yoga, it's just an overall beautiful song that creates an ambient, relaxing, mood that infiltrates the mind, body, and soul. 

It gives you the feels without being corny, and this track is proof that Plexus Records has done it yet again. Jani R's upcoming EP will be out April 6th. Check out the track below! 



PLXS005 Jani R - Concealed

Jani R

Two Sides

  • Plexus Records
  • April 6th, 2015




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