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Big Makk's 'Makk Damon EP' and heavyweight coloring contest [Premiere]

Main Course, the free label of the century, is back with one of the most innovative contests of 2015 to support their latest release, Big Makk's Makk Damon EP, which includes remixes from some young blood, Hasse de Moor & K1K0. The Orlando, Florida resident throws one of the meanest, leanest parties in all the land; even Disney is a bit jealous. Shake & Bass is a weekly gathering that brings some of the biggest names from across the country to get low and share the weight of the heaviest bass music they can make and find. The only way to match Makk's creativity is to present a contest giveaway for the Makk Damon release, which happens to blow my mind the first, third, and eighteenth time I rinse it. Simply massive.

Do you like coloring between the lines? Well, that's your prerogative. Between the lines, outside the lines, creating new lines, lining up other lines to line dance with you. The basic rules of the coloring contest are simple: design your version of the Makk Damon EP cover and post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instragram with the #MakkDamon hashtag and tag the crew at @MainCourseMedia. Winners get a merch pack and acclaim as one of the best artists in the bass music community. You can find the official rules below, and read some gleaming quotes about the EP below.

“I'm f*&%ing Makk Damon!” - Sarah Silverman
“And the Oscar goes to...Makk Damon!” - Jack Lemmon
“We’re lovin it” - McDonalds

To Enter:
- Add your creative flair to this outline version of the Makk Damon cover. You can print it, color it and scan it,  use MS Paint, Photoshop or any program of your choice to flip it in a unique way. Do your best! Go all Bob Ross on that ish..
- In order for us to see your submissions, you'll need to share your 'remixed' cover on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and use the #MakkDamon hashtag, and tag us at @MainCourseMedia, with a caption something like this: "I just remixed the #MakkDamon cover art! The EP is out now on @MainCourseMedia". Extra thanks if you share the Soundcloud link in the caption too, but that's up to your kind soul.
- Your creations must be shared and tagged by 11:59 PM PST on April 15th to qualify to win. One winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entrants across all platforms and announced Thursday April 16th at 3pm EST. We'll be sure to share and repost some of our favourites as well. Good luck!

A Main Course prize pack from our store (includes a T-shirt, Stickers and other items), plus a brand new Big Makk shirt, that ain't even out yet! You'll have it first! Also worldwide fame and acclaim from the international art community.

(Big Makk in all his glory)


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