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EARMILK invades SXSW 2015 with TroyBoi and crew [Event Recap]

SXSW has come and gone and we are proud to say that our first showcase was a huge success. Even with the presence of an epic rainstorm, the party couldn't be stopped. The night was kicked off with amazing performances from SF DJ BOGL and quickly emerging beatmaker LUCA LUSH who quickly set the tone for the night. Following in their wake was a special acoustic performance by rising rocker, Ash Riser. This was followed up with a special quick DJ set by one of our favorite Parisian DJs, Phazz.

As the night progressed, it was time to drop one of our secret guests who just so happened to be an EARMILK favorite, Black Tiger Sex Machine. The adrenaline levels were quickly on the rise as these masked Canadian bandits decided to come back through time and space to push the limits of the dance-floor with their high intensity electro set. And, not to be outdown, we then also featured secret performances by Jersey Club king/legend DJ Sliink and rapper Deniro FarrarThe night could of stopped there and been a huge success but that's not how you Lose Control

One of things EARMILK tries to always strive for is to be unpretentious and to also promote as many emerging artists as we can muster. So it was a pleasure to also have Moving Castle darling, ROBOKID, come through and bless the decks for a few. This set the stage for the man of the night, TroyBoi, who flew all the way over from London to give EARMILK's showcase exclusivity but only performing for us and no other showcase. TroyBoi is one the producers/djs that we are most excited for this year as we are predicting a meteoric rise in 2015 and beyond. And, finally the night was put to rest with one of the most turnt acts of the year with TastyTreat who immediately goes in without even trying to warm the crowd up with dinner or a movie. 

The night was a huge success and only a sample of what's to come as EARMILK plans to really take our events up to the next level this year and forever. Keep an ear out for what's in store and thanks to all those that got a chance stop by the showcase.

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