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Hyperdub's Cooly G puts a new spin on Kid Moxie's "1888" [Premiere]

A few months back we premiered the video for Kid Moxie's "1888," the eerie, ambient title track off her impressive 2014 LP.  It was one of two tracks on the album to feature The Gaslamp Killer, the manic Brainfeeder producer who can routinely be found melting faces at L.A.'s Low End Theory.  Now Kid Moxie, born Elena Charbila, has turned to another elite electronic music label.  She's enlisted Hyperdub's shadowy artist, Cooly G, for a much more percussive take on the track.

Cooly G revs up the engine on this one, starting the track off with machine-gun drum patterns before letting Charbila's vocals seep in, as broken accordion bits drift along like smoke.  Cooly G gives the track a nice jumpstart in tempo without sacrificing any of the original's blurry surrealism.  Kid Moxie has racked up a lot of great 1888 remixes at this point, and plans to release them together as a remix album in the near future.




Kid Moxie

"1888" ft. The Gaslamp Killer (Cooly G Remix)

  • Undo / EMI
  • '1888' out now


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