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Mr. Bigz and Wretch 32 know the "Finer Taste" of live [Video]

If you've ever needed proof that hip hop extends far beyond the reaches of the US, you can simply take a gander over to our brothers and sisters in the UK and France, and our slightly further familu in the likes of Korea and Japan who are doing incredible things in the name of hip hop. It really has taken over the world, even if it isn't obvious at first glance. 

Today we've got an exciting video from Mr. Bigz and Wretch 32, who bring life into this track with fine women, cigars, and expensive suits. It's not a mind-bendingly difficult music video, but with the warm breeze filling the air, we're definitely vibing out to this one. It's springtime and the livin's easy. 

Check out the video below! 

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This is Mr Bigz
6 years ago

thank you so much

This is Mr Bigz
6 years ago

“: Mr. Bigz and Wretch 32 know the "Finer Taste" of live [Video] - http://t.co/RNOjUx0Eys @MrBigzOfficial @Wretch32”- woooiiiiii