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J. Cole has the keys to freedom in slavery-era video for "G.O.M.D." [Video]

Our favorite North Carolina rapper, J. Cole, found an eye-catching (and culturally relevant) way to bring his "G.O.M.D." rhymes to life.

The Lawrence Lamont-directed video is set during colonial times and features Cole as a house slave who, because of his lighter pigmented skin and status on the plantation, doesn't get any respect from the field slaves. They soon realize though that they're all in the same struggle, as Cole takes it upon himself to seize the opportunity of stealing the owner's keys when they drop to the floor during dinner, allowing the guns in the house to be raided and seized. Once armed, the slaves take control of the plantation and celebrate around a large bonfire.

What's interesting about this video is that it's a metaphor for Cole's career. Since achieving a high level of success, others may have felt like he went "Hollywood" (house slave) and forgot about his roots (field slave). But now since he's made it (inside the house), he's in a position of leverage (the owner's keys and firearms) to help better the lives of others.

Watch the cinematic visuals above.

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