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ATL's Daetrius Craig releases official video for "Death Over Designer"

It's an unfortunate truth that people get killed over the clothes that they wear. Air Jordans are especially baffling because although the shoes share the name of arguably the most iconic man in American sports, most of the shoes colorways that circulate once are eventually reproduced. In my city in particular, a kid, after waiting diligently and being one of the first people in line, was sent to intensive care from being jumped not two minutes after purchasing his Jordan's and having them stolen. The "Bred 11's" caused a shootout at a local mall where one guy lost his life. It's to the point where certain Jordan releases trigger police perimeters around the most popular stores nationwide. The pandemonium is pretty ridiculous, really.

ATL up & comer Daetrius Craig  uses this kind of absurdity as the cannon fodder of his subject on the track "Death Over Designer" aka D.O.D. The song is dedicated to Paul Sampleton, a friend of DC's who was sadly robbed of his clothes, Jordan's and other goods right before being brutally murdered in his Atlanta home. An awareness campaign, Paul's Promise, created by his mother, Stephanie Stone, was put behind Sampleton's death and supported by Greg Street of ATL's V103 at the Atlanta Sneaker Friend Event.

Produced by The Olympicks, the tracks heavy bass and drum arrangement - slaps. Only out measured by the equally intense lyricism of Daetrius Craig whose voice will draw you in like Baptist pastor, and not just any Baptist pastor, but one from Atlanta. While D.O.D's overall ambiance may have you in a subconscious head nod, it will just as likely have you backtracking to listen to the very real and truthful message behind the beat that's pushing it.

The video, beautifully directed by Ken Rothchild, accurately depicts the suddenness of life and how a person can have theirs taken away long before their time. Be sure to keep an eye on Daetrius Craig as he is currently  working on his Percy Park LP and should be dropping some new releases soon. 

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