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Lose yourself in Portable Sunset's ethereal "Crosby" soundscape [Premiere]

Brooklyn based artist Peter Segerstrom has been producing music for many years now. In 2012 he introduced the side project Portable Sunsets with the release of his first LP Mercy. His sound is a euphoric tapestry of light minimal house that makes the hair on your skin rise with every delicate caressing keystroke. His second follow up full-length album Bless is out on March 17th via Atomnation Records. He has already released two tracks from the album which showcase his dreamlike soundscapes fans have come to adore. Today he releases his third single of the album, “Crosby” which is a light, uplifting, dreamlike song that will transport you to a different dimension. This song feels as if it could be personified in the swift movements of fish gliding across the water in a pod amidst a karesansui. Unwind and find solace in this beautifully crafted song.


Ambient · Downtempo · Electronic · Minimal · Premiere


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