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Tchami reveals news of 'After Life' EP and launches first single [Video]

French producer and future maestro Tchami has finally revealed what he's had in store for 2015. His official release of the self titled single from his upcoming EP, "After Life," is a major surprise to everyone: his most recent work has repeatedly been remixes, so it's interesting to see another original song. 

After Life will be Tchami's second EP and will set the tone for a highly anticipated year of new music from him. There is little information out as of now in regards to the release, such as track listing or titles. Yet any sign of a bigger project from an artist shows a development in sound where they're willing to try new things collectively.   

"After Life" starts on a sobering tone that slowly builds up with suspense. A soothing voice welcomes in a heavy bassline that teases the listener, as Tchami makes a mesmerizing transition into a frenzy. All of a sudden we're hit with a massive wave of futuristic synths and a signature bouncing melody, with a quick breath's length of relief before the production comes back in a menacing style.

The video for "After Life" is short, but none the less intriguing. The metaphysical question posed by the lyrics is matched with a bizarre scene of a man sitting on a beach with a sequence of odd events around him. The main male character struggles with his choices until entering the water and meeting an unusual ending, that you'll need to see for yourself. Make sure to check out the longer Soundcloud version, as the video is just under three minutes.  

Tchami Afterlife EP

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