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KeithCharles SpaceBar wants you to know about "S.T.A.C.Y" [Video]

At this point, it is nearly impossible to ignore Awful Records. The 15 member collective has proven itself as one of the most interesting and creative hip-hop groups to come on the scene in a minute and that is going to be even more obvious once Father & KeithCharles SpaceBar release their debut LPs later this year. Although the latter has been proving himself more so on the production side, Keith has also been taking the time to refine his rhyming and visual aesthetic as is made evident by the excellent music videos for "Drink My Spit" and now for his latest single "S.T.A.C.Y." (Still Thinking About Calling You).

The visual was shot, edited, and directed by Mike Ellwood & animated by Blackwax Studios NYC in order to bring Keith's video game inspired escapades to life. The airy video features Keith attempting to woo two young beauties on a night out (one of which happens to be Abra of Awful Records) and is littered with clever 90s references to a Goofy Movie and the Nintendo Pokemon games. Check out the video below and make sure to peep KeithCharles Spacebar's upcoming album We're All A Little Triflin when it is released later this year.

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