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Gazzo's latest remix beats on your bones like "Rat tat tat"

New Jersey based electronic producer Gazzo has created a name for himself adding his own energetic progressive house spin to hip-hop tracks like "Changes" by Tupac, or Jessie J's lively collaboration with 2 Chainz "Burnin' Up." His sound is a melodic yet explosive blend of soothing electro house melodies paired with biting progressive house beats that invigorate the soul. His latest remix of Afika NX's "Rat Tat Tat" is a fluttering and lively representation of his unique style. Light melodies shimmer under Afika's hip-hop hooks while stinging synths slowly crescendo ultimately leading to an explosive chorus that will "beat on your bones like rat tat tat." Take a listen to the track for yourself and cop a free download of the remix below.



Afika NX

Rat tat tat (Gazzo remix)




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