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Life In Film make us wonder on new single "It's What Happens Next That Matters Most"

There's something to be said about those soft spoken indie rock tunes that make just as much of an impact as riff-heavy anthems. I see this new one from UK group Life In Film as a alternative ballad that quiets the mind, even though the lyrics are all about wondering. On the verge of releasing their debut LP Here It Comes after a few EPs, the quartet has had a string of successful releases this year and are building a solid fan base in the US. 

On this one, frontman-guitarist Samuel Fry said, "When we write a new track we often give it a working title, which is generally something ridiculous. Whilst writing 'It's What Happens Next That Matters Most' it was called 'Ant March' because... it sounded like ants marching? The real title is about looking forward in the face of adversity. And the lyrics deal with both hope and despair." 

We love how Life In Film keep the infamous British dry humor through their struggles and continue to produce music that always keeps us wondering where it'll take us in the meantime. 






















































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