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Mitski's "Francis Forever" gets the Ryan Hemsworth treatment [Download]

Ryan Hemsworth recently dropped a Valentine's Day mix for the ages on Diplo's "Diplo & Friends" BBC Radio 1 show.  Running the gamut from rap bangers to tender, sad moments, the mix felt like a summary of Hemsworth's quirky personality and diverse production habits.  In particular, it showed his knack for taking obscure pop songs and making them even more fun, working his magic in their every nook and cranny.

Hemsworth took a slightly different approach with Mitski's "Francis Forever," transforming the rock song into a lighter, more carefree vibe.  The track opens with Hemsworth's shiny, almost toy-like production, with Mitski's passionate vocal delivery sliding in untouched overtop.  It's incredible how many great artists Hemsworth has been introducing us to recently, largely through his label, Secret Songs.  You can now add Mitski to that list.  The two are slated to perform together at SXSW, and will surely be traveling all over on their own as well.  You can now download Hemsworth's "Francis Forever" via his Soundcloud, and don't forget the original, which is part of Mitski's recent Bury Me at Makeout Creek album.



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