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SMLE takes you "Into The Wild" with Connell Cruise remix

Mellow, uplifting, synthy. You've heard me use these words before. You've heard the songs they describe. Well, there's a new one out and it's from a familiar artist that has seen recent light on EARMILK. His name is SMLE and his music takes listeners on a journey up the tallest mountain and gracefully replaces them back on the ground via fluffy clouds and electronic rainbows.

Connell Cruise might also ring a bell. He's a dapper South African singer published by David Gresham Music with similar vibes as Goldfish. His latest, "Into The Wild", is a massive feel good song that fits perfectly in the soundtrack to your favorite adventure movie. SMLE took the opportunity to introduce the sounds of South Africa to a different audience, and boy did he crush it. Like the aforementioned descriptors indicate, SMLE brought the already big "Into The Wild" to the plates of synth lovers across the globe. Enjoy, and thank you both Cruise and SMLE for this great addition to our workday playlists. The original is out now on Island Records.

Dance · Electronic · Experimental


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Connell Cruise
6 years ago

“: SMLE takes you "Into The Wild" with Connell Cruise remix - http://t.co/xAB8UEmEwA @smlemusic @connellcruise” incredible remix!