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Mideau's latest single "Feet to the Sun" is a glimmering ray of suspended sunlight [Premiere]

Utah based indie pop/rock duo Mideau have refreshing and melodic take on dream pop and airy indie rock that at times mirrors shoegaze and has a strong breath and emotion weight. The group is gearing up to release their self-titled debut full-length album on April 21st and it is sure to be a captivating collection of elegantly crafted and delicate melodies and soothe and move over every down beat and half note. For this album the worked with Grammy nominated songwriter and producer Nate Pyfer (Kaskade, The Moth & The Flame) so we can only imagine would sort of ethereal emotional tracks will be residing on the record. Today they are releasing the lead single off the album “Feet To The Sun” which is glimmering ray of sunlight on a warm summers day. When asked about the single the band said, "Feet to the Sun is meant to simultaneously capture the rosy glow of carefree summer days and the nagging pangs of regret for the moments when we've misstepped in relationships."

Dreamwave · Indie · Shoegaze · Soft Rock


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