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King Arthur debuts with "Belong to the Rhythm" featuring Michael Meaco

It feels like there's no other time to introduce a new dance artist than in March. Amongst our other new artist discoveries, we've come across King Arthur and his sophomore single. Growing up in Indianapolis and Chicago, his first release will fittingly be out on Midwest Love, entitled "Belong to the Rhythm." And the track isn't just a stand alone release, but has some seriously unbelievable vocals from Michael Meaco, who though we haven't seen much of him thus far, has a maturity and experience in his voice that helps to make "Belong to the Rhythm" so memorable. Featuring another lightweight drum and bass remix from King Arthur himself, "Belong to the Rhythm" is surely going viral this week. Take a listen to the full EP below ahead of its release with a note from King Arthur himself:

I've finally come to a place as an artist where I'm fully confident in every aspect of my music. From songwriting to production, I believe in this music more than anything I've ever done before.

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