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Paul van Dyk teams up with Roger Shah and Daphne Khoo on "Louder"

It's not often that we see the lately big room, radio sound-oriented Ultra Records team up with a trance legend on a release, let alone venturing into the genre with two legends. Well the label has returned to its heyday in the sound by helping release a collaboration between Paul van Dyk and fellow trance producer Roger Shah on a track entitled "Louder." Featuring Daphne Khoo on the vocals, the single is one that can be called many things: uplifting, poppy, melodic and electrified. With an emotion and grit that Van Dyk and Shah have mastered in their own right separately, their collaboration is what makes this one special. Check it out below.

Paul van Dyk & Roger Shah
"Louder" (Feat. Daphne Khoo)
Ultra Records

Dance · Progressive · Trance


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