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Promnite & Sable's much anticipated collaboration "OMG" finally releases [Premiere + Download]

People get their knickers all twisted up over other people hating on the mainstream, usually pulling out "hipster" as an identifier; however, many times that hatred is well deserved, especially with some of the stuff that's been getting popular lately. With that being said, sometimes producers can make miracles happen and turn those tracks around.

Sampled straight from that Nicki Minaj song that ripped off "Baby Got Back," New Yorker Promnite and Aussie Sable take the "Oh my god, look at her butt" line and make something that can actually be listened to. Featured most recently in Promnite's "Diplo & Friends" mix with the Athletixxx crew, "OMG" showcases big, clean, and loud 808 drums that give you something to really get down to. It will probably be going off in one of the next live sets you go to, and will definitely go off after you snag the free download. 

SB x Promnight OMG 2

Promnite & Sable


  • Self Released
  • March 2, 2015


Bass · Dance · Electronic · Trap


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