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Justin Faust digs deep on 'Disco Cuts EP Vol. II"

Sometimes, easing your way into Monday just doesn't cure the blues that come along with the beginning of the week: instead, we've enlisted Justin Faust's latest disco EP to get us grooving along. Out via Nurvous Records, the German producer and DJ's Disco Cuts EP Vol II includes three tracks that all elicit dreams of warmer, tropical climates. Specifically, the emulation of island bossa nova as well as the horn-driven lounge music of the Caribbean islands, "Cuba," "Casino Royale," and "Bird of Paradise" breathe retro 1950s funk mixed with today's house music. Check the tracks out below.


Justin Faust

Disco Cuts Vol 2

  • Nurvous Records
  • Nurvous Records


Dance · House


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