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Gravez gives PYRMDPLAZA's "Glassss" a solid new twist

Soulection as a whole is awesome. The collective is just generally very well put together, and the releases are consistently on point. There are very few labels like it that have been able to adapt as well as the dudes over there have been to a constantly changing music landscape. 

Off of their White Label, Gravez just released a remix of fellow Soulection member PYRMDPLAZA's "Glassss." The future twist is one you shouldn't miss out on, utilizing crisp 808's to make this thing something you can actually groove to; this isn't surprising, though - check out the rest of Gravez's discography and you'll see how versatile this guy is. So, overall, if you've been about that house-y/future/trap-esque vibe lately, this track is absolutely what you need to be listening to right now. 



Glassss (Gravez Remix)

  • Soulection White Label
  • February 24, 2015


Bass · Dance · Electronic · Garage · Trap


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