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Get down with Sam Rockwell in Flight Facilities' "Down to Earth" video

Watching Sam Rockwell do a full on choreographed dance sounds more like something that would happen in late night talk show universe than in a music video, but surprisingly, it seems that it is Australian duo Flight Facilities that managed to get the movie star to show us what he's got. 

Changing from a slumped, awkward character to a man looking suave in a sharp suit, Flight Facilities, director Rhett Wade-Ferrell, and choreographer Vincent Paterson, manage to capture a free- feeling that resonates well with those dreamers out there. Matching perfectly with the light nature of the track, Rockwell again brilliantly masters the choreography without making it feel too structured, and brings another dimension to the already hit song. 

Check out the video below. Down to Earth, their album of the same name, is available now via iTunes. 

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