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Josef Salvat plays the "Hustler" in dark, sexy new video

Josef Salvat's new video for his year-old hit single "Hustler" has the Australian singer-songwriter playing the title role in something that plays out more like a scene from Grand Theft Auto than a music video.  The mini movie starts with a mentor telling the suave Salvat "the world is shit without love" in a dimly lit restaurant before the camera pans over a bleak cityscape.  As an albino woman dresses him, the crooner vibes with a look-a-like, exchanging lingering glance and brushing shoulders.  Then Salvat is off to save a man from three ostensibly vicious women who are in the midst of curb-stomping him.  He brings the man off at the hospital only to find himself drawn towards a brunette vixen exiting the building.  Salvat sings "I'm playing a dangerous game" as the camera flashes between Salvat dabbling into bisexual territory making out with the vixen and the aforementioned male look-a-like.  The song comes to a close while Salvat drives off with the three female attackers from earlier in the video, one nibbling at his ear, the other offering him champagne.

"Hustler" is an excellent song and the video, while dark and somewhat enigmatic, really makes the track pop.  Salvat recently signed to Columbia Records and has put out a slew of other catchy songs like "Open Season" (recently remixed by the Chainsmokers), and a cover of Rihanna's "Diamonds."  We can't wait to hear what he releases next. 


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Josef Salvat

Hustler [Video]

  • Columbia Records
  • 2015-02-16


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