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"U Don't Know" what you're missing if you haven't heard XVII's new Alison Wonderland remix

Alison Wonderland is quickly becoming electronic music's new sweetheart. A double threat, she not only has her production on point (first and foremost), but she also knows how to lay out some damn good vocals. You'll be booking a ticket to her homeland of Australia even after just a quick look at her Soundcloud.

Although he's not even close to the land Down Under, Canadian up-and-comer XVII harnessed a solid amount of "U Don't Know's" strongest elements, and turned it into something of his own: and it's awesome. An already hard-hitting original, this remix takes a more future-oriented pull without sacrificing any of the low end; if anything, it gets added to. Start your weekend off right: snag this free download ASAP and throw both of these amazing artists a like and a follow. 


Alison Wonderland

U Don't Know (XVII Flip)

  • Unsigned
  • February 17, 2015


Bass · Dance · Electronic · Future Funk · Trap


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