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Find refuge in Stefan Jós beautifully minimal Things You Left Behind EP [Premiere]

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the debut EP from SoCal artist Devon Hansen’s latest project under the name Stefan Jós. Stefan’s EP Things You Left Behind is the first release of Flau which is the sister label from Tokyo based Raum. Stefan’s EP is a beautiful array of minimalistic textures and drum patterns that resonate sounds of earlier acid house and techno.

The first song on the EP “Inside Voices” is a light and airy blend of ambient sounds that is reminiscent of the chatter of hushed voices in a quite library still vibrant with life. The following track “Specialism (Uneasy) is a mix of percussive sounds and thumping bass melodies blended with obscure instrumentation racing back and forth that will have you feeling elated yet uneasy. “L’Arcade” is, as a you may have guessed, a playful and intricate take on arcade sounds, presenting a gamified take on techno that will have you pining to get your hands on the controls and your head in the game. The final track, “Places To Drive At Night” is the most minimal and drawn out but also the most beautiful track on the already glistening EP. Melodies grow and dissolve quickly just as the passing lights on a empty freeway. The base melody is a as beautiful as the glimmer of the moonlight reflecting off the hood of your car. Find refuge in places to drive at night as you clear your head and find solace on the solitude of the empty open road.

Stefan’s EP is a beautiful representation of the delicate and delightful soundscapes and textures he can create and promising view into what can be expected in the future. Find comfort every keystroke and half note and enjoy the aural specter of light that he creates in the perfectly crafted EP. You can purchase the full EP here.


Stefan Jós

Things We Left Behind EP


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