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Prefuse 73 set for a busy 2015, shares "Infrared" off forthcoming LP

Guillermo Scott Herren is always busy with something, whether he's recording as Savath y Savalas, Piano Overlord, Diamond Watch Wrists, or his most recognized moniker, Prefuse 73.  Not only is he prolific, he's all over the map, too, releasing an unpredictable mix of hip-hop, glitch, and experimental weirdness.  2015 promises to be a big year for Herren, with the trifecta of a new album, Rivington Não Rio, and two EPs set to be released.  Interestingly, he's not on his longtime label, Warp, having made the switch to Temporary Residence Ltd.  

Regardless of who's releasing it, Rivington Não Rio has the potential to be Herren's  most memorable work in a while, at least based on lead track "Infrared," featuring vocalist Sam Dew.  From its opening moments, the track in enlivened by a glowing xylophone melody, Dew's vocals floating over the slinking groove. Rivington Não Rio will also feature appearances by artists such as Helado Negro, Busdriver, and Rob Crow of Pinback.  The album will drop May 12, and will be bookended by the Forsyth Gardens and Every Color of Darkness EPs, out on April 28 and July 14, respectively.  You should also keep an ear to the ground for new activity from Herren's new Yellow Year label, his outlet for a slew of forthcoming collaborative projects.



Prefuse 73

"Infrared" feat. Sam Dew

  • Temporary Residence Ltd.
  • 'Rivington Não Rio' out 5/12



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