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A$AP Rocky sets "Lord Pretty Flacko Jodeye 2" against a gritty New York backdrop [Video]

One of the reasons hip hop artist A$AP Rocky was so beloved when he initially dropped, was his loyalty to Harlem and his A$AP Mob. Rocky walking out of the bodega leaning on a Ty Beats will forever be ingrained in New York and hip hop lore: a quick scene that summarized everything that you needed to know about the budding star. Since those early days, Rocky has made the natural transition into becoming a more worldly gentlemen, slowly moving away from his grungier Urban Jungle roots. However, it seems that the Mob and its leader have returned to where it all started.

Rocky sheds all of the starlight and High Definition living in the "Lord Pretty Flacko Jodeye 2" video. The rapper is transposed over VHS quality scenes of his crew mobbing and getting hyped in various locals. In some shots viewers are greeted to a multitude of Rockys boasting and bragging. The video feels as dingy and gritty as the track itself.

"Lord Pretty Flacko Jodeye 2" features a number of shots of the late great A$AP Yams, who was an A$AP Mob founder. Yams will be sorely missed and these few moments are a great homage to his impact on not only the crew, but hip hop culture. Furthermore, the picture of Yams at the end on a unicorn is a priceless treasure.

A$AP Rocky finishes "Lord Pretty Flacko Jodeye 2" in a laundromat filled with beautiful women, who seem to be having the times of their lives washing their skivvies. Clearly these women know something that us fans don't, perhaps they have already heard leaks from Flacko's upcoming album? The one project we are eagerly anticipating and will keep you posted on? Or are they just sniffing the Tide? Nonetheless, look out for more Rocky in the near future.

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