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EXGF follows up chart-topping debut single with the release of "We Are The Hearts"

"We Are The Hearts" arrives as the new release from EXGF, the enigmatic creative collective hailing from Paris and Los Angeles. The song speaks of triumph, defeat, war, spirituality - but above all an indefatigable and profound belief in the power of ourselves, proclaiming "WE will never be bought and sold...the future runs through OUR bones."

EXGF appeared out of nowhere in June of 2014, and their contagious debut single "Idle Hands" shot to #1 on Hype Machine's popular chart, to much industry & fan acclaim. Only the collective's Instagram, website, and edgy, artistic Tumblr provide any insight into who they are, documenting the outrageous parties & soirees of an underground culture developing in the hotel penthouses, abandoned warehouses, and rooftops of LA and Paris.

Still, questions remain - WHO is EXGF? WHAT is EXGF? But perhaps the collective chooses to embrace this mystery, placing emphasis on the spirit and meaning of their offerings, rather than the creatives behind them.

Experience "We Are The Hearts" with its accompanying audio above.

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